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Date Night

This 80 minute Experience will have you both in awe about the art of glassblowing. You will begin with hearing about the rich history of the art. Followed by seeing a live demonstration of how a glass tumbler is made. After seeing the process you will then work one on one with an instructor as you get a limited hands on time making your own glass tumbler. You will pick out your safety gloves and glasses, select your colors, then work to inflate and shape the hot glass! We will have some Jazz or chill instrumental music playing, creating a laid back and fun atmosphere. Once the items are made, they will need to cool down for 6-8hrs in our annealer and can be picked up the following day or at your earliest convenience. You will then pick up a set of glasses to enjoy for years to come and have a great story to share with all your friends and family as they use your one of a kind glass tumblers.

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