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Further Details


  • How do I need to dress?
    Ideally you would want to wear a long sleeve cotton shirt, jean pants, and closed toe shoes. You may wear a t-shirt and shorts, but closed shoes are mandatory. Hair pulled back if applicable. Nothing that sways from your person. Like loose jewelry.
  • What kind of eyewear do I need?
    There will be eyewear provided for you. You may use any UV blocking glasses of your choice, but not dark sunglasses. As it will prevent you from seeing other things around you clearly.
  • What should I expect during a try glassblowing experience?
    This class will begin with a safety lecture followed by a demo from the instructor. Then each person of the group will use the remaining time to work one on one with the instructor to make a unique piece of glass art. A key part of learning how to work with the glass is by observing how it's done. By each person having a turn, this allows the rest of the group to first watch how the instructor does it, then watching the others and learning from what they did wrong and what they did right. This allows each person to have the best possible outcome when its their turn. Also gives people time to take some really sweet social media photos of them working in glass! Items will be picked up the following day.
  • Should I bring anything?
    Optional items: A water bottle, a notepad and pen and possibly a hand towel, if you sweat easily.
  • How old do I need to be to take a glassblowing class?
    You have to be at least 12yrs old to take a class.
  • How hot is it in the studio?
    Temperatures range from 72-87 degrees. The studio is equipped with an a/c unit, an exhaust fan and two six foot roll up doors. Things are adjusted daily depending on current weather conditions to achieve the best possible conditions. You are only potentially experiencing the higher temperatures when you the one working because you are standing closer to the glassblowing equipment. If you are waiting for your turn, you will be sitting on the couch provided and it is always closer the the lower temperatures in the studio because it is further away from the equipment.
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